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It was a wonderful journey in the world of football for the children of Fondation Pour L’enfance Terre De Paix. The Jardin d’éveil , a magnificent garden run by Terre De paix was the location for this voyage to Brazil World Cup . An initiative by SICOM FOUNDATION, this fun day had all the ingredients to make unforgettable memories for the children. The purpose of this fun day was to make the children share and enjoy the excitement and thrill of the planetary event, which is the passion of millions around the world.

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“Activity with the National Coast Guard of Albion on the Albion beach on the occasion of their 27th anniversary”

On the occasion of their 27th anniversary a half day activity was organized by the staff of the National Coast Guard of Albion on Wednesday 23rd July 2014. It started as from 0930hrs and ended at 1300hrs with the participation of 47 children from our residential care units.
The children were welcomed by all the National Coast Guard staff followed by a speech from the Chief inspector.
After the speech a “Causerie on sensibilization” was given to the children as well as a demonstration of how to save a person’s life when he is drowning.
Then the children were put in different groups, depending on their age group to participate in various activities such as spoon walking, rabbit walking, musical challenge, tug of war, goal and bottle filling. The winner of each group was awarded a medal offered by the National Coast Guard.
To close the day, a packed lunch was served to all the children and all staff.
The children together with all the National Coast Guard of Albion had great fun.

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Needy persons’ food aid program

I will say that people concerned with this program are those who have had less chance in life. In our day to day social work, we would meet these people in need and coming to our organization. We offer them counselling, support and in many cases small donations of food provisions on a monthly basis.
We have become a family where we share good relationship. The beneficiaries are not considering as needy persons only but friends in need. Love is a moto to our endeavor of offering a helping hand to the poor.
Sometimes, we are glad to see their difficult situation sorted out. With patience, love and a good procedure to help them, Terre de Paix is trying to brighten their lives.


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Fondation pour L’Enfance, Terre de Paix ena plizir servis dan diferan landrwa, Albion, La Valette, Grand Baie e Beau Bassin. Nou ena apepre enn 100 staff ki travay dan sa bann servis la.
Tou nou bann staff pa resi zwenn toulezour. Alor pou ki nou gard enn lien ant nou bann staff, pou ki tou dimounn aprann konn zot kamarad, nou finn desid an 2011 pou fer enn komite <team building>. Continue reading

La musique et l’enfant

Dès avant sa naissance et durant ses premières années, le bébé s’amuse à ressentir, à découvrir et à faire des sons. L’exploration des bruits, des sons et de la musique représente les fondements d’une communication future avec ses parents et les personnes de son entourage. A deux ans, il est généralement trop tôt pour <apprendre> la musique (solfèges figures rythmiques, etc.). Cependant, il est souhaitable d’utiliser chaque occasion pour créer un moment privilégie avec son enfant et ainsi favoriser une bonne communication et un lien d’attachement parent/enfant. Continue reading

Official launching of the preschool section of CED La Valette

Children gave a very good performance with the help of Mr Elvis, music teacher from CED Albion. Even children from the nursery section participated with the song “Begn dan mo basin ti kanar”. This was followed by “Head, shoulders, knees and toes” by children from preschool unit. There were also poems in English and in French and last but not the least, a puppet show was staged by the three teachers to the very pleasure of our children, their parents and our visitors. Continue reading

“Gouter Planetaire at Club Med La Plantation Albion Resort”

The ‘’Gouter planetaire’’ was organized by the Club Med La Plantation Albion Resort on Sunday 22th June 2014 as from 13h00 to 17h30 with the participation of 52 children from our residential care units and 43 children from the primary school program of the early childhood centre.
The children had a warm welcome by all the staff followed by a cocktail offered by the bar team staff of Club Med. Continue reading

Participation à la semaine internationale Suisse


Bernard Levy - responsable filiere travail social

Bernard Levy – responsable filiere travail social

Du 5 au 9 mai 2014, s’est tenu en Suisse, une semaine internationale organisée par la HES-SO (Haute école de travail sociale). La Fondation pour L’enfance Terre de Paix y était représentée par son directeur Alain Muneean dans le cadre d’un partenariat entre nos deux organisations qui date maintenant de plus de trois ans. Continue reading



Atelier sur 1 jour, lundi après-midi 5 et mardi matin 6 mai

 Les zones de contacts dans le traitement des logiques différentes

Perspectives mauriciennes et suisses croisées de professionnel.le.s du travail social et de l’enseignement à propos de l’école, de l’institution et de la famille

 Pritee Auckloo, Mauritius Institute of Education (MIE), Moka

“The learner in the midst of Home School Community Partnership and Based Learning”

In the context of the Mauritius HES-SO Valais-Wallis link project, a number of students have benefitted from the socio educational experiences at the Mauritius Institute of Education (MIE). As an institution that focuses on teacher education from the pre-primary to the secondary level, it benefits from the interaction and dialogue that involves multiple stakeholders locally and externally. These are of significant importance to students from HES-SO in quest of  a  unique context for socio-educational engagement and learning platform.  For the past two years, the MIE has sought to consolidate these experiences and is now in a position to engage in a more concrete understanding of how these can in turn relate to communities and learning. Continue reading

ALAIN MUNEEAN : « Il y a une déconnexion entre l’école et la vie de l’enfant »


muneean7juilAlain Muneean, directeur de Terre de Paix, aborde la question de violence et d’indiscipline dans les écoles. Étant dans une organisation où il est appelé à travailler avec des enfants réputés « difficiles », il jette un regard critique sur le système. Il plaide pour un encadrement approprié dès la petite enfance au lieu des interventions d’urgence. Alain Muneean met aussi l’accent sur l’importance de l’expression et de la valorisation de l’enfant. Continue reading