“TERRE DE PAIX, GOOD MORNING!”. It is on that note that we start our everyday morning on the phone and a smile to every staff coming in at our main office to sign in their respective attendance, one by one. Outside the building, in the yard, we can hear the children talking, playing or picking a little fight just before entering in classrooms afterwards.

Working hours begin at 8.30 am, there we can see every staff at their post, so often, in front of their computer preparing planning or checking their mails, wow! So much emails to tackle at all costs!

At the front office, the administrative staffs are busy preparing their work and meeting with so many people coming for information, payments, receipts, donations, meeting with directors or other staffs.

Leaving the front office, we have our directors’ offices, and there! silence please! because all very important matters are discussed. Next to, we have our visitors’ room, very cozy place where visitors are invited to share or have discussions.

It’s lunch time! There we can find a crowd in the kitchen, some preparing their lunch or drink. Some going to toilets or having a make up in front of the large mirrors! And as soon as we leave the kitchen, we gather in the social room on the wooden tables, eating and drinking and having a little chat among colleagues. Some staffs can be seen sharing their meals, which is very interesting.

Our everyday schedule is not the same as there are days where the training centre is being used for multiple courses. There are days where meetings are being held by directors with staffs from different region such as Grand Bay, La Valette, Albion or staff from nursery of Beau-Bassin Prison.

Hence, we would pack off around 4pm or some at 4.30 pm, having had a wonderful day, working, sharing, and giving our best to our organization within one day.


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