Diwali “The festivals of lights”

It is an ancient Hindu festival celebrated in autumn or spring every year. At the nursery les mirabelles Flacq Divali was celebrated on 18.10.17.

Foto 1

All the staff has done a wonderful work together to make this day memorable. First of all we planned everything , then everybody played their role in cleaning, cooking, and decorating. We showed the children how beautiful the lamps are but also the danger when lighted. This year we made lamps out of shells which appeared amazing thanks to Ms Mireline. The children were very happy during the party as they were enjoying. They have also sung songs in different languages and danced…it was a pleasure watching them.

Foto 2

A special thanks to everybody for the sweets which were yummy. During the departure of the kids their parents were delighted to see the lamps.  They even told us we could make and sell them. This was a unique experience.

Foto 3

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