End year party for residential children and their biological parents

Held at Casela Nature Park on 13th December 2014 from 9 am to 2 pm, the party was, as usual, sponsored by Axess with the participation of a team of dedicated employees.
Actually it’s a tradition for Terre de Paix that every year we organize the end year party with all the residential children together with their biological parents. It’s usually before Christmas so that they can spend a day and share a lunch together. Each year Axess sponsors the party at a different venue and this year the children and their parents were delighted to discover sceneries and animals at Casela.
Terre de Paix wishes to once more put on record the huge support of Axess in providing this unique opportunity to our children who usually live far from their biological parents, some of them so many years now.

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1 thought on “End year party for residential children and their biological parents

  1. Christine Acis

    Zoli moman bann zanfan rezidansiel finn pase dan casela ansam avek zot fami ,zot ti extra kontan sa zour la. surtou avek temwanyaz ki Anaelle ti fer ki montre ki mem ki so fami pa ti kapav vini ,li’nn pans zot bien for.


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