“Gouter Planetaire at Club Med La Plantation Albion Resort”

The ‘’Gouter planetaire’’ was organized by the Club Med La Plantation Albion Resort on Sunday 22th June 2014 as from 13h00 to 17h30 with the participation of 52 children from our residential care units and 43 children from the primary school program of the early childhood centre.
The children had a warm welcome by all the staff followed by a cocktail offered by the bar team staff of Club Med.
After the welcome cocktail, all the children watched a clown show in the theatre “Pepito ek Chocolat’’ during which they had lots of fun and laugh.
After the clown show they had a fun fair in front of the restaurant followed by the big snack on the beach of the hotel

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To close the activity, the children planted a tree in the yard of the hotel with crazy signs by the clown before the departure of all kids and staff. School materials were also given to all the kids.

terre de paix CED picture 124

The children had a great day and it’s not very often that the children get that opportunity to spend such a lovely time at the hotel and that made them feel great and valued by others.

2 thoughts on ““Gouter Planetaire at Club Med La Plantation Albion Resort”

  1. Esthel

    Bien interesan tou bann program ki zot organize pou bann zanfan puo zot lepanwisman. Mo fier de zot, mo fier de terre de paix e pou travay ki li fer. Mersi osi a bann sponsor.


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