Parents’ Meeting at Les Mirabelles

On the 4th of February 2015, Les Mirabelles nursery held its first parents’ meeting for this year. The meeting was hosted at the training centre of Antoine Tsia Lip Ken Foundation. Mrs Jugumbrum from the Ministry of Health and Quality of Life was invited to give a talk on Sexually Transmitted Disease (STDs).
Out of 28 parents, 14 were present on that day. Parents participated very well and did not hesitate to ask question regarding this issue. According to parents the session was very helpful for them. It has helped to clear doubts they had regarding that subject. Some also said that it was a perfect platform to talk about this issue because normally people are hesitant to talk about STDs.
The objective behind this capacity building was to empower parents of the children who are admitted in Les Mirabelles. Each term the nursery organizes two parents’ meeting to ensure close follow up with parents, children and the nursery itself.

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