Parents workshop – CED La Valette

As Danish students having our practicum in the Preschool Unit and nursery in La Valette, we were asked to do a workshop for the parents of the children in the Preschool Unit.
We chose to invite the parents to a small workshop and focus on something which we consider being important to highlight, and furthermore something the parents would find interesting and could make use of in the future.
We decided that the main theme would be play, and to do a small activity and talk afterwards about how they felt to participate in an activity, as we shall understand how children feel when we make them participate in such activities.
We also asked what the parents value in play and what they played as children, to awake memories and joy that maybe, could motivate them to play.
We are strong believers that humans never get to old to play.
Our activity was a human memorize game, where the parents were teamed up 2 and 2 and had to agree on witch animal they would be and what sound they would make to represent this animal.
2 were chosen to be “pickers” and were competing against each other, to memorize which of the other parents said “Muu”, so these could be matched as they were not sitting together and the picker would win this match.
We know it can be embarrassing to do animal sounds as an adult, in front of other adults, but this is to cross boundaries and open up to the idea we were giving, to play. Everyone probably felt silly but it looked like the parents and grandparents were laughing, but most important of all was that people were participating and active in our workshop.

Presentation 1 stazier 1
Positive feedback was given, as the parents pointed out that the children can learn from this game, to match an animal with the correct animal sound while training their memory at the same time.
Patricia, the assistant director from headquarters of Terre De Paix, was also present and helped developing the idea, as this is a game that can be played everywhere, it is completely free and one can change the animal team to work positions, to furniture and so on.
– This was exactly what we wanted out of the workshop, for the parents to participate, have fun and get them to reflect over play and give feedback.
We could not be more pleased with the results of the workshop and are proud of the parents’ effort that day.

The Danish Students
Amalie, Katrine and Durita.

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