Spending energy with fun and game

For my project I decided to create a sports arena for the children to work off their extra energy in a productive, healthy way. The sports center has several main activities, a soccer solemn, basketball, bowling, and racket tennis. My personal favorite is the racket tennis as it promotes teamwork amongst the children and they seem to enjoy most. Sports have always been important to me and with troubled children I always think that one of the main issues is an excess of energy and no fun way to really tire themselves out. I have noticed a positive influence on them after the introduction of the sports station, and even think some of them are getting along in a group better than before.



I haven’t been around long enough yet to say for sure, but I really hope it continues to make a positive influence on their lives as I would like to make a long term difference on the school, even after my volunteer work is finished.


Miss Theresa

Volunteer from Germany
Nursery-CED la Valette, Bambous

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