The meeting with another culture by Thea Heidemann Gamborg

When you say abroad internships many people probably think that they are going to Danish internship with better weather. However, the external internship is so much more than that; it is the encounter with another culture, meeting new people, the meeting with other views and approaches.

One of the things I have learned from my internship in Mauritius is the importance of being curious and open minded to another culture. My experience of the Mauritian people is that they are open, helpful and spacious people. I am sure that work across economies could lead to a better understanding and enrich both parties with new knowledge and thereby help to develop better educational work.

Before I took from Denmark, I had been to the preparation course where you talk about culture shock and preparing people to go to another country. But you cannot prepare for the meeting with Mauritius; you got to go there, live there, experience it and see it with your own eyes to understand it and to learn about it. I have learned so much from my meeting with the Mauritian culture and the Mauritian people. I do not regret it in any way and would not have been this experience besides. I can only recommend others to go, experience it on your own body, with your own mind and get an experience for life.


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