The Orchid Society of Mauritius supports the cause of vulnerable children at “Le Jardin D’Eveil”

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Last Saturday 30th, the outdoor pedagogical and psychosocial park “Le Jardin D’Eveil” once more revealed its potential to awake and amaze curious visitors. This unique awakening garden hosted a special event of exhibition – sale of orchid buds and flowers in the light of Mother’s Day. For this event, la Fondation Pour l’Enfance – Terre de Paix was very proud to welcome and collaborate with the Orchid Society of Mauritius. All members and participants brought expertise and professionalism in Botanical Sciences along with warm smiles and eagerness to support the cause of vulnerable children.

This surprising partnership foresees the beginning of a promising project to create and maintain a small endemic orchid garden in Le Jardin D’Eveil. The crux of this project encompasses one common mission of both parties: increasing one’s awareness and sensitivity to the wide variety of plant species, their uniqueness, beauty and particularities.

Despite some drizzles, the day bloomed with a vide variety of flowers exposed for the delight of orchid growers and lovers. Other groups of new followers diversified this sample of visitors, for instance, families with children eager to discover the activities of the awakening garden and curious guests from the community of Albion and other western towns. The visitors were entertained by the advice and explanation delivered by well-renowned orchid superstars among which figured the president of the Orchid Society of Mauritius, Mr. C. Bellouard, and other members namely Mme. E. Forget, M. A. Rene and M. C. Affouye.

Various activities included games for children organized in the natural labyrinth, guided tours around the garden, sale of hand-made arts & crafts and sale of typical home-made dishes and recipes prepared by the children during cooking class. This beautiful day ended with the public vote of the most beautiful orchid plant: “species name waiting to be clarified”.


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We look forward to the future steps of this beautiful collaboration and thank the Orchid S/ociety of Mauritius for their support

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  1. Maritza Edouard

    Ti enn zourne vreman xtra, premie fwa monn asiste enn defile orkide natirel devan mo lizie. mo lazourne ti vreman an kouler. tou ti bien pase, inn pass enn bon moman.


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