Visit at the police helicopter squadron

On Friday 27th of October, nursery Mirabelles flacq organized an outing for children as well as parents. We planned a visit at the police Helicopter squadron and for lunch at ‘Le Chaland‘ beach. A day before, the caregivers did all necessary packing. All the parents were on time and were very excited about the outing as they were going there for the first time. We travelled by the coastal road from Flacq to Mahebourg. On the way, the children admired the beautiful scenes of the mountains, the blue lagoons and the boats. The driver was so friendly and kind that he stopped the bus near SSRN Airport. The parents and the children were very happy and excited to see such a huge airplane passing in front of them. It was an ‘Emirates airplane’.
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As we reached the Police Helicopter squadron, we were given necessary instructions by the responsible officer for the visit. We got the chance to sit in a helicopter. The parents took some photos to capture the beautiful moment with their child.

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As we finished our visit, we reached the beach where all the children and parents enjoyed their delicious lunch. Later the parent and the children went for a swim in the warm water of the blue lagoon of Le Chaland beach.

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