Visitor at Terre De Paix

11When I began to plan my visit back to my homeland, my biggest wish was to be able to visit a Foundation for underprivileged and disadvantaged children and show my support by taking over donations both in kind and monetary.

With the assistance of my work colleagues and family I was able to cargo 50kilos of books, pencils, toys and clothing to Mauritius.

On entering the gates in Albion, it was wonderful to be greeted by the beautiful smiling faces of children so eager to learn. Peering into the classrooms, we could see the dedication of both the children and the Staff. What I enjoyed most about my experience was meeting with the children, the kids are so outgoing, and regardless of their situations they all seem very happy. Our tour took us onto the Kindergarten and the Creche where I was able to nurse a beautiful little boy, my heart melted when I had to say goodbye as he reached out for another cuddle.

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I was left breathless when we walked through the Jardin D’Eveil, this place of discovery definitely awoke my senses.

I wish to sincerely thank Patricia Yue for the opportunity to visit Terre De Paix, I’d like to extend a warm gratitude also to Alain and Wendy for being so hospitable and allowing us time to communicate and play with the adorable children.

You all do such a wonderful job with these kids and they are extremely lucky to have you all. Once again, I thank you so much for allowing me an insight into this wonderful Foundation.
It was such a wonderful and rewarding experience – a precious memory, which I will always treasure.


Marie Novoa

2 thoughts on “Visitor at Terre De Paix

  1. Elizabeth Marchese

    A great tribute to an experience that will remain in our hearts for a very long time.
    The devotion and care of staff at this orphanage show in the smiles of these beautiful children.
    Congratulations to you all for the fantastic work that you do. A wise man once said. Heroes are not the ones that we read about in text books. They are the ones that walk with us everyday. The ones that can make a difference in our lives.

    Once again congratulations and keep up the fantastic work
    that you all do. You truly are real heroes
    It was a privilege to meet you all.


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