“Water is life”

In the light of 50 years of existence, MACCOSS, an NGO Focal Point in Mauritius has launched a mission supporting the following civic value: “Save Water, Save Planet Earth”. Supported by the Government and in partnership with Rotary Club Ebene, MACCOSS will equip Terre de Paix and some other 70 NGOs with a rainwater harvesting system.


During a ceremony held at the Baden Powell House, Trianon- Quatre Bornes, various eminent public officials including the Vice-Prime Minister, spoke about the alarming state of water resources in Mauritius. Indeed, the following statistics show the crucial need to re-assess water use on the island:

• By 2030, we will need 40% more water than today

• In 3 years we increased our consumption of water from 510’000 to 625’000m3 / day

• more than 60 % of the 3700mm of rainfall water is lost

• 50% of CWA water is lost due to old, broken underground pipes

Like other organizations, Terre de Paix is highly concerned with water issues and has already initiated renewable energy and sustainable use of water in different structures across Albion. For instance, the Jardin d’Eveil, our outdoor psycho-social park now runs on water pumped from an underground aquifer 6m below the earth. At our Early Chilhood Care Center in Albion, we benefit from the use of rainwater by centralizing connected tubes placed on different rooftop structures. These tubes join to fill a single bucket from which a gardening hose emerges. These initiatives not only help to reduce water bills but also remind us that finding alternative water resources for irrigation or other activities is crucial for future generations. 



The rainwater harvest system provided by MACOSS will enable Terre De Paix to pursue its mission as an ecological and environmental-friendly organization. We are thankful for the support of the Government and Rotary Club Ebene and hope to collaborate on other sustainable and renewable energy projects soon.



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