Workshop at Terre de Paix-November 2014

In November 2014, Terre de Paix welcomed Karen Prins and Kirsten Andreasen, two associate professors from UCC University Denmark for three days workshop at our training centre. This initiative was driven by the existing collaboration between Denmark and Terre de Paix, especially regarding placement students. 39 staff members participated in the workshop which consisted of three important topics:
1-Education of Professionals for social work and Early Childhood in Denmark and Mauritius
2-Perceptions and views of children, childhood, learning, play and the role of professionals in Denmark and Mauritius
3-working together, communication and counselling.
The workshop was very interactive; the local staff shared about the practices in Mauritius and the Danish have shared about theirs’. Another interesting part of the workshop was that the Danish students on placement at the institution have taught the staff some traditional games from their country of origin. Each and every one had the chance of learning something new and funny while accessing the pedagogical importance/outcomes.
In the end, many positive feedbacks have been recorded. Some staff said that they were pleased to see how children’s issues were tackled in Denmark whilst others claimed that they got an insight as to how children were catered for in Danish nurseries. Members of the personnel from Terre de Paix surely wish to thank Karen and Kirsten for having provided them with their knowledge and time.compressed


2 thoughts on “Workshop at Terre de Paix-November 2014

  1. Meelan

    Beyond the ongoing engagement that Terre de Paix has to social work and community support, this article shows clearly our desire to prioritize knowledge-sharing! Our relationships and exchange with peers from abroad has become of unequalled value for improving the quality of services and proficiency of the staff. We thank Karen and Kirsten for their time and involvement and look forward to future collaboration!

  2. Maritza Edouard

    Sa 3 zour la, li ti enn gran moman de partaz, sa de profeser inn partaz inpe zot konesans avek nou, e osi nou inn gagn partisipasion bann stazier Denmark, li pa ti zis enn latelie kot nou ekout zis koze, me li ti enn moman de detent kot nou inn aprann bann zwe ki bann zanfan demark zwe, ti bien interesan, zot inn bien met nou a lez.


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